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CRISS Tools & Technical Assistance

CCS Numbered Letters

CCS Numbered Letters are the documents sent to county CCS programs that provide policy guidance for administration of the program. Current and archived Numbered Letters can be found at the State CCS website. You can search the site by topic to find Letters addressing a specific issue.


CRISS has developed several documents to serve as tools in order to share important information among members and assist members in implementing CCS policy consistently. These tools include:

Maintenance and Transportation Grid: This grid displays the coverage and reimbursement policies of each CRISS member county for housing and transportation for CCS clients who must travel for CCS services. 

Maintenance and Transportation Numbered Letter 

(Note: This information is updated periodically; always check with specific counties in case there have been changes.)

Emergency Medi-Cal Billing Guide: The cover letter and guide provide information for hospitals to assist them in billing correctly using the UB-04 for services provided under emergency Medi-Cal. 

Medi-Cal Definition of Emergency Services.

CRISS Inter-County Transfer Guidelines:  These Guidelines, which were developed and successfully implemented in the CRISS region in 1999, have been superseded by the new State CCS Numbered Letter 15-1207, released December 31, 2007.  We are pleased that the new Numbered Letter draws extensively on the system developed and piloted in the CRISS region. The Numbered Letter does not include the CRISS Case Transfer Worksheet, which we consider a helpful tool in facilitating transfers. 

The Worksheet is available here. 

Resources for Families Expecting Surgery: This document, developed by Alameda County CCS, the Family Resource Network of Alameda County and Through the Looking Glass, shares best practices for families before a child goes in to surgery. This document covers how to prepare for surgery and for post-operative care.

Part 1 is available here. 

Part 2 is available here.

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